What’s the Big Idea?


Imagine That is a web community focused on collecting ideas and connecting people. We want to give a voice to all citizens of cities big and small.

ImagineThat.io allows individuals to submit 99 character or less ideas to make their area better. From there, people can view, comment and like other ideas. Conversations and even plans on how to turn ideas into action can happen. But more broadly, it’s a tool to give everyone in a city the power to share ideas and thoughtfully consider ways to get involved.


A Growing, Community Driven Product

We believe in our system and use it every day. You can too. Follow and submit ideas to our Imagine That for Imagine That. (Say that three times fast.)

Happy champions

Focused on Making Every City Successful

We don’t want any city to go at this alone. We want every city and all the champions of that city to share ideas, learn from each other, and generally make everyone better.


Learning things big and small

A single idea is important and can be powerful. The knowledge locked in a thousand ideas can change the world. We want to make it easier for users to unlock that power.


Ideas on the run

The system is mobile ready. No matter where you are you can share away.


Create a community online and off.

Imagine That doesn’t only help get people talking online it is a tool to kickstart real-world meetings and action.


Supported by sponsors

We believe in the need for local support when it comes to managing the system and paying for the system. That’s why we have an area of the site ready for local sponsors.

Analog ideas

Steps to starting an Imagine That for your city

  1. Share the idea with friends and potential co-conspirators
  2. Form (like Voltron) a group of Champions who believe they can do something great
  3. Listen to You’re a Champion by the 2 Skinnee J’s
  4. Chuckle at the line, “Here it goes. I flows like a nose in January.
  5. Talk with Adam (adam@imaginethat.io)
  6. Find some local sponsors to help kick this thing off
  7. Throw a party