ImagineThat at iMagine Upstate

Reviewing some ideas
Over the weekend, Greenville, SC hosted its first iMagine Upstate Festival (no relation).

Main Street was shut down and tents filled with robots and 3-D printers and quadcopters lined the streets. It was all with the goal to highlight STEM education and the cool things that could be done with STEM.

We were there showing off the Spartanburg and Greenville, SC streams and asking kids to share some ideas they’d like to see for their city. It was great fun to talk to so many folks and see the boards of ideas grow.

We also got some great ideas that only a kid would share.
I like dogs. they Are fun.

Getting kids interested and thinking about civic engagement was our goal. I think we got some of that for sure. We could do better and are going to continue to work on ways to make working on community projects fun.